👏 Congratulations @meant2ob, The winner of Guess the september APR contest!🥳

💰 Who has won $100 in $PUSH

✨ His APR prediction (see below) was the closest to the actual APR on 10th Sep @ 2PM UTC & has been crowned as the winner!👑

Check out the winning prediction tweet from @meant2ob here👇

Thanks to everyone who participated & helped make this contest a success! 😍

📲 P.S. The winner of the contest must DM us on this Twitter account!

Stay tuned for our next contest!🤟😉

Retweet: https://twitter.com/epnsproject/status/1436638210562551810?t=aL9uh0rNxzRSs9K5vI20Gg&s=19

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Pepe Mbon

Pepe Mbon

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