🤝 @epnsproject is super excited to join for an exciting AMA session with PlotX.

Harsh Rajat, Founder & Project Lead and Richa Joshi, Co-Founder at EPNS will be joining PlotX Community to talk about EPNS and much more.

🕛 When: 28th May 2021, 2PM UTC
🌐 Where: https://t.me/plotx_ama
🤑 Rewards: $200 worth PUSH tokens for the BEST Questions.

Join us as we discuss decentralized notifications, use cases and more in our live AMA session tomorrow.

For Twitter segment, you can ask your Questions now: https://twitter.com/epnsproject/status/1397738325688029188

EPNS is a decentralized notification protocol that enables any smart contracts, dApps or even traditional services to send notifications to wallet addresses, as long as those wallet addresses have opted in to receive them from that particular service.

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