📌 For those new to liquidity mining, here's how you participate at incentives.epns.io.

🔔 To earn as an ETH/PUSH LP in Uniswap, follow these steps:

1️⃣. Whether you have ETH or PUSH or any token, you can zap into the ETH/PUSH LP using option on Zapper. https://zapper.fi/invest?protocol=uniswapV2&contractAddress=0xaf31fd9c3b0350424bf96e551d2d1264d8466205&modal=invest

2️⃣. Go to the incentives.epns.io and click Yield Farming and then you'll use the left side where it says Uniswap LP Pool

3️⃣. Depending on how many UNI-v2 tokens you got from becoming an LP, put a whole number in before hitting Approve. For example if I have 2.1 UNI-V2 tokens, round down and put in just 2 or else it won't work.

4️⃣. Click Approve and follow Metamask prompts to confirm.

5️⃣. Then after it confirms, click Deposit (which should be pink) and follow Metamask prompts to Confirm.

6️⃣. After this you can refresh your screen and see the User Pool Balance reflecting your staked balance once you staked! Your'e done. Don't worry about User Expected Reward. The team is updating this to be accurate.

🔔 If you wish to just stake PUSH, follow these steps:

1️⃣. Go to incentives.epns.io

2️⃣. Click on Yield Farming and focus on the right side where it says Staking Pool PUSH.

3️⃣. Specify how many PUSH to Approve staking but be sure you also use a whole number. If you have say 49.1585 PUSH, input to Approve just 49 PUSH. Dont' round up, round down.

4️⃣. Follow Metamask prompts to Confirm.

5️⃣. then the Deposit button should light up as pink. Click it and follow MetaMask to approve the second transaction.I might recommend using gasnow.org to choose a gas price that will confirm sooner.

You're done! Once it confirms on Ethereum, you can refresh and see it in User Pool Balance.




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