Messari Mainnet2021 was a blast!💥

Thank you all who stopped by to see EPNS's demonstration by our founder Harsh Rajat in person! 🤗

And people who were unable to join the event; don't worry, we got you covered!😉

🎦Watch our demo here:

Spread the word 🙏

EPNS is building the world’s first open communication layer for the Web3 ecosystem, first for Ethereum and then for L2s and other blockchains. The protocol enables any smart contracts, dApps or traditional servers to send notifications tied wallet addresses of a user in a platform agnostic fashion (i.e: notifs can be integrated and shown on any crypto wallet, mobile apps, extension or dApps).

👥 Our Social Media Links

Telegram | Announcements | Twitter | Website | Medium | LinkedIn | EPNS dApp

Let's $PUSH for #Web3Notifs 🚀




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