Our first-ever ROCKSTAR 🎸chosen by Governance is coming!! 🥳

🗳️ Delegate your voting power:
https://incentives.epns.io/ (under PUSH governance section)

Want to vote for your favourite ROCKSTAR candidate? Easy-peasy 💁🏻‍♂️

1️⃣ Need to Hold $PUSH (1 PUSH = 1 PUSH vote)
2️⃣ Need to Delegate $PUSH

And you are good to go! 😎

What does delegating $PUSH mean? 🤔💭

$PUSH is the governance token of EPNS Protocol, and it enables voting on governance proposals!📧

– You need to delegate (authorize) some address with the PUSH voting power you possess🪙

FYI - 1 $PUSH = 1 Vote

Whom can I delegate and what are the rules? 🧐

– Can delegate (authorize) your voting power to yourself or any other address or any PUSH Nominee ✋

– You can only delegate one address at a time☝️

Note: Voting power cannot be split among multiple addresses 🚫

📌 I hold $PUSH. Can I vote⁉️

– Yes, Delegate your $PUSH voting power to yourself. Then you are good to go!🤗

📌 I staked my $PUSH. Can I vote⁉️

– If you have staked your $PUSH, you would have to withdraw the $PUSH tokens and delegate it to yourself to be able to vote.

Holding $PUSH, but have no time to vote? 😕

No worries. We got you!💪

PUSH Nominees are active members of the community who represent the vision of #EPNS.🙆🏻‍♂️

All you need to do is find a PUSH Nominee whose values match with yours & delegate your voting power to them.

📜 PUSH Delegatee Nominations:

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